The Global Family

The Busy Bees
Global Family

Busy Bees is a leading international childcare business, focused on providing outstanding early years education to children aged 0 to 4-years-old.

Founded in the UK in 1983, today Busy Bees operates around 1,000 sites in 10 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Italy.

The Busy Bees Global Family

Our success is driven by our vision to give every child the best start in life, while building a responsible business that delivers sustainable growth for our owners and investors.

And there are four core values that inform everything we do:


We take care of the children entrusted to us and of our dedicated staff. Every single child and team member is appreciated, and diversity is valued.


We maintain the highest standards in care and safety and provide outstanding early years education.


We provide exceptional service and support parents and families bringing up children.


We provide excellent value for our families and empower parents to support their careers.

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Copyright © 2024 Busy Bees Nurseries Ltd. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2024 Busy Bees Nurseries Ltd. All rights reserved.